walnutcreekchiropractorDr. Nick Baker loves providing excellent care to his patients and he makes it his mission to treat each patient like a member of his family. He takes pride in listening to his patients needs and also in helping them achieve their health goals whether it be recovering from an acute injury or improving chronic headaches. As a second generation chiropractor, he received regular chiropractic adjustments from birth. “When I was growing up I never rushed to the medicine cabinet when I was sick. We didn’t have one.  If I was sick, I got adjusted. If I was injured, I got adjusted. And when I was at my best, I continued to get adjusted to maintain my health and protect my immune system by keeping pressure off my nervous system. I also ate quality foods, was extremely active, took Vitamin C supplements, and got plenty of rest. That was my health care system. The key was boosting my immune system and clearing out any interference in my body through regular chiropractic adjustments. As a result, I rarely got sick. I did get a lot of stitches growing up though!”

In a perfect world, Dr. Baker would provide this important health care system to all kids. “What many parents unfortunately do not know is that most medicines don’t CURE diseases. Medicine often just masks the problem at hand, and sometimes they just prolong the issue because it ‘numbs’ you without fixing the underlying issue. Parents need to focus on boosting their family member’s immune systems, and a great place to start is with regular chiropractic care.”

Raised in Modesto, CA, Dr. Baker enjoys playing basketball, water polo, guitar, going mountain biking and camping. Dr. Baker is very active and is always looking for a new adventure. After graduating from Life Chiropractic College West in 2007, he worked as an associate doctor alongside his father in Modesto. His father continues to share many valuable lessons he learned during his 30 years of Chiropractic experience. In 2009, Dr. Baker married the woman of his dreams and decided to move to her hometown of Walnut Creek to start his own practice. In 2013 Dr. Baker and his wife were blessed with a beautiful, active baby girl, Emily Marie. She loves her Chiropractic adjustments! Baker Family Chiropractic Center takes pride in providing chiropractic care for the DVC Water Polo teams, participating in many community events, and working with Rotary International. “My goal in life is to make everyone as passionate about life as I am. Chiropractic changes lives and I would love to show how it can help you.”

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