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Chiropractor Weekly Sticky: Real Doctor in the Mirror

The specialists say you have allergies, asthma, sleep apnea, depression, chronic fatigue, GERD and fibromyalgia. They say you’ll be on a dozen different medications for the rest of your life. But what does the doctor looking back at you in the mirror say?

The doctor in the mirror says you have an innate wisdom inside, capable of RE-CREATING a health- ier version you. A ‘you’ without allergies, asthma, sleep apnea, depression, chronic fatigue, GERD or fibromyalgia. That doctor is just waiting for you to remove the roadblock.

Health is your birthright. Health is your natural state. Health is what you experience when you have a clear nerve system. Don’t be imprisoned by the whitecoat’s diagnosis, it’s merely a temporary state. Find chiropractors who work with the doctor inside you, like Dr. Nick Baker and you’ll leave sickness and dis-ease behind in the dust.

Thanks: Chiropracitc Weekly Sticky

Chiropractic Weekly Sticky: Healing with the Brakes on…

foot on brake

Ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels when it comes to staying healthy? You eat right, exercise five days a week and try to get enough sleep – you’ve got the ‘pedal to the metal’ when it comes to staying fit, but something’s holding you back. Maybe it’s time to pay more attention to your Nerve System.

Although you’ve got one foot on the gas, Subluxations can put the brakes on your pro- gress. Subluxations are troublesome misalignments in your spine that irritate your Nerve System and rob you of potential health energy. The effect is like trying to drive with your brakes on. You’ve got your fitness throttle wide open, but you’re going nowhere fast.

If you want to stop spinning your wheels when it comes to your health, prioritize your spinal care. When it comes to unleashing more health horse power, nothing releases the brake like Chiropractic can.

Thanks to Rob at The Weekly Sticky

Chiropractor Weekly Sticky: “Order in Your Court”

There’s an honorable judge seated at the bench of your existence – watching, listening and ruling on every aspect of your health and performance with one purpose in mind… to main- tain order. How far reaching is it’s influence in the court of your Life?

It presided over your prenatal growth from one cell to 100 trillion in your first nine months. It ruled over your milestone development as an infant, your maturation throughout adolescence, and as an adult it continues to strike balance between the scales of breakdown and repair as you to heal and re-create yourself every single day.

No doctor can match its wisdom, no pill can sway its resolve. When it comes to your health and ability to reach your peak potential, there’s only one judge capable of keeping your body in order… the innate intelligence that built it in the first place. Trust it.

Thanks Rob!

When You Eat and What You Eat

If you are of a certain age then you most assuredly recall either your grandparents or parents starting off most days with a ham/bacon/egg breakfast loaded with saturated fats, triglycerides and cholesterol. Since the federal government (via the USDA and their vile “Food Pyramid”) indicted these components as factors for heart disease, most Americans now shun such a breakfast instead opting for “healthier” fare like whole-wheat toast with artificial better-for-you-than-butter spreads or maybe skipping breakfast altogether and stopping at Starbucks for a no-fat triple shot latte, or perhaps a bowl of Special-K cereal with skim milk.

Since Americans adopted this “healthier” high-carb-low-fat diet strategy, obesity rates have skyrocketed as have diabetes, insulin resistance and metabolic-syndrome.

This article may explain why this is the case and also vindicate our forefathers’ eating habits. Now granted, it was done in mice and human trials need to be performed before we can accept this as gospel. BUT, the mice model used has demonstrated over time to be a fairly accurate surrogate for humans. Therefore I’m passing this along to all my patients interested in better health and achieving an ideal body weight.

Follow along…

“Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Baylor College of Medicine kept two groups of mice. One group got a high-fat meal upon waking and a low-fat meal before bedtime; the other had the low-fat meal first and the high-fat meal for dinner. Both groups of mice consumed “identical” amounts of total calories and calories from fat. But the mice with high-fat breakfasts had “significantly lower body weights and body fat composition” than their counterparts who ate high-fat dinners.” (1,2)

“Those weren’t the only differences. The mice that began the day with more carbs developed insulin resistance, a condition that increases the risk for Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. They also wound up with more insulin, leptin and triglycerides circulating in their blood, which are also associated with diabetes and heart disease.”(2)

The authors believe that:

“consumption of a high-fat [breakfast] is associated with increased ability to respond appropriately to carbohydrate meals ingested later … whereas a high-carbohydrate morning meal seems to ‘fix’ the metabolism toward carbohydrate usage and impairs the ability to adjust metabolism toward fat usage later.” (1)

Bottom Line
The old-wive’s-tale goes: “Eat a King’s breakfast, a Prince’s lunch and a Pauper’s dinner” and it appears they were intuitively onto one of the characteristics of a healthy lifestyle. By making your biggest meal of the day a low-carb breakfast, you may actually:
• lose more weight than your identical twin who eats the same number of calories as you in their “healthier” American diet, and
• reduce your risks of developing Insulin Resistance and Type-2 Diabetes, and
• naturally develop more a more lean body composition.

Our parents and grandparents were pretty smart, weren’t they?

Chiropractor Weekly Sticky: “Paint’s Not Dry Yet”

You’re a few weeks into your Chiropractic care and you’re starting to feel better. You want to get back to your routine as soon as possible. There’s a ton to do around the house, you’ve got a family to take care of and you can’t wait to get back to the gym. You have an urgency to start ‘living’ again. Problem is… the paint’s not quite dry yet.

It’s not uncommon to feel ‘done’ after a few adjustments. When the innate recuperative abilities of your body kick in, you might look and feel remarkably new – like a fresh coat of paint. But like a fresh coat of paint, looks can be deceiving. What seems completely dry (healed) on the surface may still have a few tacky areas underneath. If you jump the gun and try to re-hang the fixtures, you might ruin the finish and need to start all over again.

Complete and thorough healing requires time. Even though you may feel like your old self after a few Chiropractic sessions, it’s no green light to go back to your old activities. The stabilizing phase of care (where you feel so good you wonder why you’re still coming in) is where all the ‘paint curing’ happens. Give your body the time it needs to completely dry and you’ll be happier with the end results.

Thanks Rob!